Easier way to add multiple clients to LiveUpdate policies for NetBackup 6.5
Tired of manually entering every client in my environment to the LiveUpdate policies in NetBackup, I decided to see if there was an easier way to add more than 1 client at a time.

On a hunch, and knowing that the client listing for normal policies is a text file, I poked around to see if the same was true for LiveUpdate policies.
Sure enough, /usr/openv/netbackup/db/class_internal/ had a listing for all my LiveUpdate policies!

So, I just copied and pasted my client listing from existing, "normal" policies and added them into the LiveUpdate policy client lists.
And presto!  100+ clients added in 1 shot!

I was just getting into liveupdate on my test server and thought... wow this is going to be miserable adding all my clients to the policy.  Knew i couldn't be the only one. Thx again!


Thanks for this trick. Saved a lot of time

bpplclients -noheader -allunique | while read a b c ; do bpplclients lu_all_hosts -internal -add $c $a $b ; done
 how do I add multiple clients into a normal policy in netbackup?

I really need to do this since it is taking a lot of time for me to add aproximately 1000 clients into one normal policy.
Is there a way to add a bunch of clients into a normal policy in a single one shot? instead of one by one?

...............ah... and this is for windows and not for unix

please help on this

You can still edit the files directly under Windows too:  <install path>\NetBackup\db\class\<Policy Name>\clients

However, the files are more than just the text name of the clients; there are flags and variables attached.  But, if all your clients are identical (and I do mean IDENTICAL), you could probably copy the flags/etc as well.