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Need even more reasons to sign up for a newsletter? All of those Connect users who are signed up for a newsletter on May 1, 2010 will be entered into a drawing for 500 Connect Rewards points.
How can you go wrong when you get a chance at 500 points
We must wait the 1st May before subscribing ? Or we must do before the 2 may ? Sorry, we are not all native english speaking you know ;-)
And what's happen to those (like me) already subscribe, they should remove now their subscription, to reactivate on 1st May ?? ;)


Il faut vous inscrire au plus tard le 1er mai 2010.

(One must register by 1 May 2010.)

-Kevin Gaussoin


Now it makes sense.  I couldn't figure out why the giveaway before I noticed that.

Ahh Great !
Done and done.

Good initiative. Subscribed an additional Connect newsletter.


Nice one...done!
Always good to get a chance at more Amazon dollars.  thanks.
There's a link at the top of the page now, reminding you to signup, but it's broken.

Hey, setral, welcome back Sign up to receive the Connect newsletter customized to your interests. Click here for details.

The link goes to: https://www-secure.symantec.com/blogs/enter-win-500-connect-rewards-points returns a 404

The actual link: https://www-secure.symantec.com/connect/blogs/enter-win-500-connect-rewards-points works fine

Issue is even more weird, the link appears to be wrong in every page I've checked, EXCEPT for the following  My Profile - Newsletters and My Profile - Notifications.

I think I fixed it. Please let me know if you encounter more problems.
Looks like it's fixed, thanks Leslie!
Guess I am doing something wrong?  I click the link that says click here for details and it takes me back to this forum.  Where is the link to sign up?
Never mind.. I found it....  
I'm in!
Nice , done!

Unable to subscribe and select areas of interest.

good idea about newsletter but why draw for 500 points?.
in place Smiley Happy

Just joined, glad to be a part of this huge and interesting community!

Best wishes to all!

bonne idée wink

not doing it Smiley Happy
if it is a lucky draw my chances are as always bleak..
It gives me something to read while I'm pretending to take a lunch break. LOL.
You never know, you could be one of those people who say 'I never win one of these'. XD
Signed up.
Great way to stay connected and informed about product updates, features and road map.
Signed up.

Unable to subscribe more than 1 subscription on https://www-secure.symantec.com/connect/blogs/enter-win-500-connect-rewards-points

Update,, so, this actually will not work until May 1??
I guess I read it wrong.. so no wonder nothing works..
These links will not work for me, I can post int he forums, no problems, but am unable to check off boxes and click on settings for this Subscription above and get the points..

The buttons in this article won't work. They're just a screenshot of what you will see if you go to your individual profile. If you click on your username, you will see a tab that says "newsletters." By clicking on that you'll get the options to sign up.

Let me know if you have any questions.
LOL laugh

Of course buttons won't work if they are in a screenshot.

I'm In....

I'm in too... yeah baby.

Made it.

Checked... Subscribe to the Symantec Connect newsletter
It's Great to here. One can get to know all the thing about Symantec product and also can get support form other users.
Shall we expect notification once we subsribe to newsletter?

I Hope I did it right!!!

I hope i was able to do it right also..
I'll give it a go...

It is a valuable resource. Read the past articles too, don't just subscribe.

Sign me up.
Sign up for Newsletter

Count me in please.

for this one and more Smiley Happy