Veritas NetBackup Outperforms Competition in a Proven Benchmark Study

Benchmark Image.png

A few weeks ago at our annual customer conference, Veritas Vision, I was lucky enough to present on the topic of performance and scalability specifically in the context of a recent third party competitive benchmark test between NetBackup and EMC.  In the session, we discussed the key findings of the study, which showed how Veritas NetBackup can:

  • Back up VMs an average of 45% faster
  • Provide concurrent recovery of VMs in up to 47% less time
  • Simplify and shorten protection windows for application VMs

At the conclusion of our breakout session, we opened the floor for Q&A.  Rather than typical Q&A, the conversation quickly turned into a discussion of best practices.  It’s no surprise that almost everyone in the room was already a NetBackup or NetBackup Appliance customer, but about half were also EMC customers.  Users shared performance metrics within their own environments similar to what we found in our benchmark study.  Some customers saw even better performance than the numbers we shared from our benchmark study, especially if RHEL 7 was incorporated into the environment. They also shared suggestions with us and the rest of the room on how to "fine tune” the configuration for optimal results.  The discussion was very organic and I wish I could have captured it with a larger audience.  So I thought what a better place to do that than the VOX community.  


In addition to watching the video above, I encourage you to download the benchmark report here:

Join the conversation with your own commentary, best practices, questions and answers.  

Do you have any best practices that you would like to share?