Customer Spotlight: Storage Foundation Reduced Data Migration Time From 3 Weeks To 30 Minutes

A group of DBAs that manage large databases at a large federal government agency had the challenge of migrating a mission-critical 35 TB database from a Fujitsu 2500 running Solaris to an IBM P595 running AIX within a 4 hour maintenance window. Using the tools that the database vendor offered, the estimated time to move that much data was in the neighborhood of 3 weeks, which was unacceptable. Database migration tools from another company were evaluated but they were cost prohibitive.

A Symantec Sales Engineer suggested that these DBAs use the Portable Data Container (PDC) feature within Storage Foundation, which was already deployed in their infrastructure. He explained that with PDC, instead of moving the data from one storage location to another, the data can be unmounted from the Solaris system and mounted on the AIX system. The entire process would take no more than 30 minutes.

The PDC feature was tested in the customer’s lab environment and was put in place to migrate the database. In mid-January, the cutover was performed and it went flawlessly. Flashsnap was used to split a mirror off the database and to have a copy for a backout if needed. The vxcdsconvert operation on the 35 TB database took less than 15 minutes, far less than the 3 weeks the DBAs had originally expected. The database migration was successful and done within the maintenance window.

If you’d like to learn more about data migration, read the Cross-Platform Data Sharing Guide, attached below.

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Great use of functionality they already had within Storage Foundation. Any other stories out there of 'leveraging what you already have'?