Enable Cost-Effective Retention of Archived Data

Messaging and files are among the fastest growing types of data within an IT environment. Not only are they heavily used by members of an organization, but external regulations, internal governance and budgets put demands on them as well. Today’s organizations are tasked to store significant amounts of content for longer periods, in different classes of storage than their original location, to achieve compliance, adhere to policies, all while saving money! Sounds challenging, right? With Veritas Enterprise Vault, customers can archive emails and files from primary storage and servers to a centrally managed archive repository. Veritas Enterprise Vault helps automate retention management, classification and supervision, while simplifying search and eDiscovery of unstructured data.


How can you easily store and manage that archived data? Simple. With Veritas Access, a software-only, scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) solution for unstructured data works as a primary archive store for Enterprise Vault.

Veritas Access is based on the rock-solid and industry-proven Veritas Cluster File System stack. It offers various storage services for Enterprise Vault workloads including Cost-effective data store for Enterprise Vault and WORM support for archiving workloads.

Cost-effective Data Store for Enterprise Vault.

Enterprise Vault customers looking for cost-effective yet performant, scalable and highly available storage for their archived data and retain it for years to meet compliance needs and company policies, can switch to Access from their existing expensive storage vendor.  And it’s easy to do – in the Enterprise Vault console, ‘Veritas Access’ is now listed in Storage-type when creating a new partition under vault store as shown in the diagram below.


WORM support for archiving workloads

VERITAS Access integrates with Enterprise Vault to provide a scalable solution for storing, managing, and archiving both non-WORM (simple archive) and WORM (retention policy controlled) data. Access is a high-performance, high availability scale-out NAS storage solution that can easily accommodate existing archive requirements and scale to address emerging future requirements. The combination of Enterprise Vault and Veritas Access results in an end-to-end information archiving solution that is easy to purchase and use, and provides a single point of contact for support across the entire archiving application-to-storage stack.

Figure below shows how Veritas Access works as a primary archive data store for Enterprise Vault.



I’ll say it again…Veritas Access is truly easy to integrate into your existing Enterprise Vault environment! Plus, Access-managed data can be protected using an archival policy, and retained per your company’s retention policies and compliance requirements.  With Veritas Access and Enterprise Vault, you can rest assured that your archived data is safely kept while knowing that your future expansion will be highly efficient and cost-effective.

Learn more about how Veritas Enterprise Vault and Veritas Access  help organizations to accelerating their migration to the cloud.

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