Keep Calm and Do It All... With Veritas Operations Manager 6.1

Think about all the things you need to do in your data center to keep the business happy. Manage multi-vendor storage arrays in your SAN, introduce and manage new SSD/Flash arrays whether in server/ in SAN/ or as DAS, support increasing storage requests from multiple cost centers without approvals to buy new storage.. and that’s only on the storage side. What about having visibility across your physical and virtual environments, managing high availability and disaster recovery scenarios including failover and testing, and finally having the ability to create reports that you can feed back to business based on their needs?

Veritas Operations Manager provides a single standard interface for solutions under the Symantec Storage Foundation High Availability suite of products. With the latest 6.1 release, Veritas Operations Manager now includes the following for your ease of use:

Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) – Improved visibility and management for Cluster Volume Manager and Symantec Cluster File System environments, as well as supporting FSS for Symantec Storage Foundation 6.1.

SmartIO – Support for managing the innovative caching features of SmartIO for both Linux and Windows Storage Foundation 6.1 releases. See the FSS solution with SmartIO and some of the new VOM capabilities.

Performance alerting – Configurable thresholds to notify users when things like I/O latency and failover time go beyond acceptable levels.

Operations APIs – New easy to integrate with Web APIs give customers the ability to better automate differentiating capabilities like Virtual Business Services and Recovery Plan into their ecosystems.

HSCL enhancements – We continue to extend support for OS, Virtualization, Application, and Storage platforms. Notables include support for newer versions of Oracle, DB2, Linux (RHEL/SuSE/CentOS/OEL), Windows 2012 and Hyper-V, and 3PAR storage.

For a complete list of features, please check the Release Notes and HSCL on SORT.

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For more information on Veritas Operations Manager, visit the Operations Manager Product Page.