New Release: Get the Private Cloud you Want From the Infrastructure You’ve Got

Symantec today announced a major refresh to its Storage and Availability Management portfolio to help customers build the private cloud they want by transforming their existing infrastructure. Symantec’s high availability solutions will enable users to architect resilient private clouds with fast local or global recovery of complete business services and data replication across any distance to meet their recovery time/point objectives. Symantec can orchestrate the recovery of a business service, even if its components (various databases, application servers, and web servers) run on different operating systems or virtualization technologies. 

As more IT organizations move to the cloud, Symantec’s new storage management offerings will also help IT organizations manage and deliver elastic, resilient storage for cloud workloads by providing the ability to scale storage capacity up or down while applications remain online and reducing the storage footprint through deduplication, compression, and thin reclamation for primary storage.

Symantec’s storage and availability solutions can be managed from a centralized console that provides complete visibility and interactive control of the infrastructure resources. The console also includes chargeback capabilities that keep business users accountable for the services and resources they consume.

This portfolio update includes new product versions of: Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0, Veritas Cluster Server 6.0 and Veritas Operations Manager 4.1. With these combined offerings, IT organizations do not need to purchase new hardware assets to implement cloud services for their business users; instead, they can use their existing infrastructure, saving money and time.

The following is the complete list of product updates to Symantec’s refreshed storage and availability management portfolio:

Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 Maximizes your storage efficiency, availability, agility and performance across operating systems, virtualization technologies, and storage hardware to build resilient private clouds.
Veritas Cluster Server 6.0 Delivers high availability and disaster recovery for business-critical services running across your physical and virtual infrastructure.
Veritas Operations Manager 4.1 Provides the visibility and control to manage business services across virtual, physical, and private cloud environments and automate many manual administrator tasks.
Symantec ApplicationHA 6.0 Provides high availability for business-critical applications through application visibility and control in VMware, Solaris LDOM, IBM LPAR, and Red Hat KVM environments.
Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing 6.0 Provides improved storage I/O performance and availability across heterogeneous server and storage platforms using intelligent algorithms and load balancing.
Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System 6.0 Provides a high performance file system that spans heterogeneous servers to provide concurrent access to data and enables faster failover of applications and databases.
Veritas Replicator 6.0 Provides world-class synchronous and asynchronous volume and file replication, enabling rapid recovery of critical applicants at remote recovery sites and content distribution across any distance.
Symantec VirtualStore 6.0 Reduces costs with high performance storage optimization and file serving for large-scale virtual machine deployments which leverages your existing storage infrastructure.
Veritas Storage Foundation  HA for Windows® Delivers resilient storage management and high availability for Microsoft Windows server environments, including Hyper-V.
Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC Helps you with database implementation, management, and high availability of Real Application Clusters.
Veritas Storage Foundation for Sybase ASE Provides a single management view for all databases related storage management, enabling IT to install, configure, manage, and perform tasks centrally, independent of hardware platform.




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When is SFHA 6.0 for UNIX planned to be released.  If there is no official release date yet, what are the approxiamate time scales?



Expected GA: 12/19/2011