New Release: Introducing Symantec VirtualStore

Facing challenges around storage utilization and performance in virtual infrastructures? Increase in storage consumption could have a dramatic impact on your IT budget. Deploying virtual machines is not as efficient when deploying thousands. And from your end-user’s perspective, when a large number of users log into their desktops simultaneously, performance can suffer dramatically.

Symantec VirtualStore helps you fully benefit from your virtualization investments by addressing virtualization’s storage challenges. Based on Veritas Cluster File System technology, VirtualStore is built for VMware virtual machine management in the form of a highly scalable, clustered NAS solution. It allows for rapid provisioning of servers and virtual machines, and efficient, space-optimized cloning and boot-up of virtual machines, all through VMware’s management console, vCenter. It allows you to:

  • Reduce virtual desktop cost by as much as 50% as compared to NetApp while providing significantly higher performance and scalability
  • Eliminate as much as 70% of storage requirements and cost by storing only the differences between VM boot images
  • Leverage existing storage and server investments including commodity hardware
  • Eliminate login issues associated when your workforce boots up their virtual desktops

System Requirements:

Solaris SPARC, Solaris x64 and Redhat Linux

  • Solaris 5.9, 5.10
  • Solaris x64 5.10
  • Redhat Linux 5.3