Next Generation VOS Now Available – Symantec Operations Readiness Tools(SORT)

We’ve released a next generation version of Veritas Operations Services (VOS) called Symantec Operations Readiness Tools (SORT).

SORT contains all previously available features and functionality that came with VOS but it now includes a new interface, new name, and additional functionality to help you and your customers work smarter, not harder.   (Note: all previously bookmarked or memorized VOS urls will automatically map to the appropriate SORT urls)

What’s new in SORT (

  • A new landing page to educate and train visitors about SORT, it’s value, and available functionality
  • A new functional user interface (via that reduces the number of click needed to use key features in the dashboard widgets (My SORT is an updated version of the VOS widget dashboard)
  • Enhanced Windows detailed reports includes Windows risk assessments and Windows product and licensing assessments
  • An enhanced “customer based” data collector flow with improved usability features
  • Addition of Technotes in documentation table and searches
  • Inclusion of VOM deployment requirements in Checklist Reports
  • NetBackup installation and upgrade functionality in the SORTdata collector for producing NBU custom reports

 For more information, visit the SORT product page,