SORT support for Storage Foundation and High Availability 6.2

On December 2nd ,2014, SORT delivered another release and added the following features:

  • SmartAssist - SmartIO Caching Profiler Tool is available on SORT Data Collectors page ( This tool is to analyze the I/Os on the specified devices in the system for specified time, and calculate the optimal cache size for the workload.
  • Case creation support for Vxexplorer. This provides the way for the entitled users to create or update cases to Symantec Tech Support after running Vxexplorer logs.
  • SFHA release type change since 6.0.1 in Patches page ( ). Beginning with Storage Foundation and High Availability (SFHA) 6.0.1, the release type of Hot Fix is replaced by Patch. Therefore, 6.0.X.#00 and 6.1.0.#00 releases become Patches from Hot Fixes. There is no content change in any resource that you download from SORT.

More details, please visit SORT (