Solve your global storage utilization problems with Veritas Operations Manager Advanced

Consider the following situations:

  • Ever had the problem where you are running blind on your storage utilization? The application owner asks for more storage every month and you wonder how he is utilizing the  storage you allocated last month.
  • Ever had your CIO ask you tough questions, “What is our global storage capacity and utilization?” And you wish you had the latest consolidated report emailed to you the previous night. Or even better a live dashboard.
  • Ever wished you knew how well aligned are the strategic applications to the underlying storage? You have no idea if your mission critical application is using tier-3 or tier-1 storage without several disparate checkpoints.
  • It’s about time somebody stopped telling you how bad your storage utilization is and actually gave you an easy way to remediate this problem without any application downtime.

Enter Veritas Operation Manager Advanced 4.0!

Today, we are excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated Veritas Operations Manager (VOM) Advanced 4.0, a comprehensive discovery and reporting solution for your entire datacenter covering a heterogeneous set of virtual and physical hosts and arrays. VOM Advanced helps you gain visibility of storage usage and maintain high storage utilization across multiple data centres.

VOM Advanced extends the discovery and reporting capabilities from Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server to the native OS stacks including all major Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms. It provides you visibility into the file systems, volume managers, clustering technologies, and hypervisors. With non-Storage Foundation hosts, you can choose between agent or agentless discovery mechanisms enabling you to get results faster with easier deployment.

Take the Next Step to Storage-as-a-Service

Using VOM Advanced, you can put a price tag for storage consumed per tier and create a chargeback report, which is vital when you are planning on using Storage-as-a-Service in your IT organization or use it as a showback report to show the burden cost of hosting storage for certain applications. As you plan on implementing more virtualization technologies or private clouds, metering and billing are vital, and VOM Advanced provides you with that functionality in the chargeback report.

To learn more about VOM Advanced 4.0, watch a product screencast or visit