Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 5.1 Certified by Oracle on Linux
SFRAC 5.1P3 is the first version supporting 11gR2 RAC, including full cluster membership and coordination with Oracle Clusterware.

Currently SFRAC on Linux is certified for use only with 11gR2 RAC. We continue to support Oracle 10gR2 & 11gR1 RAC on Linux with our SFCFRAC 5.0 & 5.1 products.

Hardware Compatibility List
Comprehensive Oracle RAC Certification Matrix
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I have added this as an "idea" but thought might post it here as well since you are discussing about RAC support on SFRAC


Earlier in oracle 8i oracle parallel server and oracle 9i RAC, veritas DBAE and  SFRAC(CFS) supported Oracle OPS/RAC
Oracle clusterware (CRS) was not available then. Hence customers had to pay only one clustering stack licensing fee.

CFS everyone agrees is very pricey specially when you have multiple CPUs and is very robust.

Now with 10g and 11g Oracle CRS clusterware is a must even if customer wants to use Veritas SFRAC.
This becomes double pricey, because customer will have to  pay high licensing cost for Oracle EE RAC as well as Veritas SFRAC
As a result many customers are moving to Oracle CRS solution alone.

Are there any plans as part of joint effort between Symantec and Oracle for customers to opt out Oracle CRS when using SFRAC?
Or when using SFRAC as primary cluster ware even though CRS is a must, not having to pay RAC licensing fee to Oracle ?

eventhough SFRAC and CFS is very robust I think symantec will eventually lose the entire Oracle RAC market unless something is done to this effect