Thinking about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

If you are considering Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, checkout this blog from DCIG.  In the blog, Jerome Wendt discusses how SSDs and deduplication are key technologies for delivering a successful, large VDI deployment.     

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Deduplication and SSDs are becoming viewed as prerequisite technologies to ensure successful VDI deployments for two primary reasons.

  • There is a substantial amount of duplication of files when migrating desktops to VDI environments. This creates a need for a large amount of storage.
  • Booting a desktop requires reading from the disks on which its images reside. It is when multiple desktops are booted at the same time that contention occurs and performance is negatively impacted

Deduplication and SSDs can be used in combination to tackle these VDI issues head on. Deduplication technology minimizes the storage growth associated with VDI deployments as only one instance of the duplicate data needs to be stored. Further, by storing deduplicated data on SSDs, data can be read back much more quickly plus SSDs can potentially become a cost-effective alternative to disk if less data is stored on them.