Veritas Cluster Server ranked "Best-in-Class"


DCIG (Data Center Infrastructure Group Inc.) released their High Availability and Clustering Software Buyer's Guide that weights, scores and ranks over 60 features on 13 different software solutions from 10 different software providers. Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) achieved the "Best-in-Class" ranking and earned the top spot in this inaugural DCIG High Availability and Clustering Software Buyer's Guide.

Veritas Cluster Server earned the only “Best-in-Class” ranking, and for good reason. We ranked “Best-in-Class” and/or “Excellent” in all the categories that DCIG used for evaluation. Categories included operating environment and management capabilities. DCIG mentioned, “Making Symantec’s achievement so impressive was that it’s in a highly competitive space where most high availability and clustering software packages only focus on a few or even only one operating system. Symantec stands apart with its support for all standard operating systems and takes this support one step further by allowing failovers to be orchestrated across multiple operating systems.”

DCIG also spoke to various end-users to get a sense of how they would weight their needs in these various areas. DCIG then evaluated the vendors’ capabilities by applying weighting indicated from their conversations with these end-users. No vendors, whether clients or not, were afforded preferential treatment in the Buyer’s Guide. All research was based upon information provided directly by vendors, research and analysis by DCIG and other publicly available information.

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