When life give you lemons, make cliff notes!

At Symantec, we are always looking for ways to empower you to do more with less!  What better ways to do that than create cliff notes to quickly guide you through some Storage Foundation (SF) and Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) tasks!  Thanks to the Symantec Education team, attached are four quick reference guides!  Go ahead and use them and you will have plenty of time to make that lemonade!


The attached documents are: 

Veritas Storage Foundation5.1 for UNIX—Manage and Administer Commands

Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1—Install and Configure Commands

Basic VCS Commands

VCS Troubleshooting Job Aid


We have more exciting educational tools including classes which can be held in physical or virtual classrooms.  Visit our education site - education.symantec.com for the latest updates.

In addition, please visit our Veritas Storage Foundation site and Veritas Cluster Server site for more information on Symantec's latest solutions.


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