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Posted on Jun 2, 2014

NEW LAUNCH: Symantec Disaster Recovery Orchestrator

Following the announcement during Vision 2014 , we have launched Disaster Recovery Orchestrator !

Posted on May 28, 2014

Is the perfect storm headed toward purpose-built storage systems?

Employee Accredited Certified

Is the era of storage systems (arrays) facing disruption? Do the expensive monolithic chassis sellers need to find new w...

Posted on May 16, 2014

What does SmartIO do?

“What is SmartIO and what does it do?” Since the launch of Storage Foundation 6.1, I’ve been asked that question by all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. The most co...

Posted on Apr 28, 2014

Webcast Video: Gartner and Symantec Discuss Business Continuity

It's well known that businesses are relying more and more on the delivery of services from their IT departments.

Posted on Apr 25, 2014

Symantec Joins the OpenStack Foundation

OpenStack and Symantec

Posted on Mar 24, 2014

New Release: Introducing Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor 6.3

April 7th, 2014: Symantec today announces a new release of Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor , a risk monitoring and notification solution for heterogeneous high availability...

Posted on Mar 24, 2014

NEW RELEASE: Introducing Symantec Storage Foundation High Availability and Symantec ApplicationHA 6.1 for Windows

April 7th 2014: Symantec today announces the release of Symantec Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows 6.1 an...

Posted on Dec 9, 2013

SmartIO in Storage Foundation HA 6.1

The 6.1 release of Storage Foundation High Availability introduces SmartIO which enables customers to increase application performance and reduce storage costs while maintaini...

Posted on Dec 9, 2013

NEW RELEASE: Introducing Storage Foundation High Availability 6.1

Symantec today announced the release of Storage Foundation 6.1 and Cluster Server 6.1. This release enables organization...

Posted on Dec 5, 2013

It's Here...DataCane Official Video

Think you’ve seen it all? How about 35,000 lbs. of water... 100mph winds... 3 minutes. Check out DataCane. Can't see the video? See DataCane on YouTube .

Posted on Dec 4, 2013

Imagine a data center without SANs … are you ready? Take our quick survey

Didn't attend the Gartner Data Center Show? Participate virtually! Take the same survey we were giving on the show floor...

Posted on Nov 11, 2013

DataCane -- Official Trailer #1

35,000 lbs. of water... 100mph winds... 3 minutes. Releasing soon!

Posted on Oct 30, 2013

NEW RELEASE: Introducing Veritas Operations Manager 6.0


Today, Symantec released Veritas Operations Manager (VOM) 6.0, which brings the organization a step closer in delivering on the vision of providing complete end-to-end busines...

Posted on Oct 18, 2013

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Employee Accredited

Have you ever considered using the Cloud to lower your costs for Disaster Recovery? Who can really afford a separate datacenter for the exclusive use of Disaster Recovery? Sym...

Posted on Oct 7, 2013

NEW RELEASE: Announcing Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor 6.2

Symantec is pleased to announce the new 6.2 release for Symantec™ Disaster Recovery Advisor, powered by Veritas .

Posted on Aug 15, 2013

Save the Date: Google+ Hangout – Why Host-Based SSDs are Critical for SLAs in Mission-Critical Datacenters

Service level agreements (SLAs) must be met whether you’re keeping mission-critical data centers running or serving up f...

Posted on Jul 19, 2013

Google+ Hangout: The New Era of Business Continuity


We live in a time when disruption to critical IT systems can have devastating effects on the day-to-day operation of business. Whether these service interruptions come in the...

Posted on Jul 16, 2013

Welcome to the Disaster Recovery Advisor Forum!

Welcome to the Disaster Recovery Advisor Forum!

Posted on Jun 21, 2013

New Release: Symantec Operations Readiness Tool 3.9


With continued focus on improving the total customer experience, we’ve added the following features and enhancements to Symantec Operations Readiness Tool (SORT) with the 3.9...

Posted on May 1, 2013

IT Justice League, assemble! Part 2 of 2

Last time on Data Center Down, Crash detailed the meeting of several IT “Super Friends” at the 3 rd Annual Red Hat Partner Conference, held in January.

Posted on Mar 28, 2013

Deliver on Your Service Level Agreements at Vision

Vision Las Vegas is just around the corner, April 15-18. This year the Information Availability, Intelligence and Data Protection track focuses on business continuity, storage...

Posted on Mar 18, 2013

IT Justice League, assemble! Part 1 of 2

Greetings, earthlings. I’ve been enjoying some much-needed R&R off the grid for the first time since beginning our U.S. tour last October.

Posted on Mar 5, 2013

Business continuity for virtualized applications

Employee Certified

I speak with a lot of our customers, and a frequent topic of conversation is around virtualization. Just a few years ago, most I spoke with didn't have more than 20 to 30% of...

Posted on Feb 14, 2013

Beware of the Application Blind Spot!

As we've mentioned many times on these blog pages , organizations are virtualizing more of their applications for good reason. Virtualization means lower costs for power and c...

Posted on Feb 14, 2013

New Release: New Windows Server 2012 platform support release for Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today, we are taking our relationship with Microsoft to the next level. Symantec is anno...

Posted on Feb 14, 2013

Vegas, Vitamins and Veritas Cluster Server

As you may recall , I was pretty salty about being denied access to Symantec’s Worldwide Technical Symposium and Partner Tech Engage Conference last October. Well, I might hav...

Posted on Feb 5, 2013

SORT mobile is now available on the App Store!


SORT functionality is now available as a mobile application on the Apple App Store! The SORT mobile app supports five key features from the SORT website:

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