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(CEP-19009) NetBackup Flex Scale Usability Study

Employee CPEP

Registration: January 24 - February 4, 2024
Usability Study: February 5 - February 9, 2024
Interaction Type: Usability Testing / User Research

Are you a NetBackup Flex Scale customer interested in providing usability feedback on the upcoming Flex Scale release functionalities and workflows (e.g., Pre-Check, Firmware Update, etc. )?

The Veritas Customer Experience Research team would like your feedback on a few new and updated feature prototypes of the upcoming Flex Scale release.

We are inviting you to participate in a 60-minute user research session over Zoom video/audio conference call. We want to learn about your thoughts as you interact with the prototype. Your participation will help us improve the customer experience and the usability of the features.

If you are interested in getting more details about this opportunity or in participating in other exciting interactions and are not currently a member of our CPEP program, you can register here: then contact us at