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Cloud Point Restore failure

Unable to run a restore of volume in cloud point , which log to refer too ?

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Re: Cloud Point Restore failure



You can take a look at flexsnap-coordinator.log from the /cloudpoint device-mount.

if the device/mount-point that you have shared to containers as /cloudpoint/, then under the shared directory, you would find logs directory. and that is the place where all logs are kept.

you can quickly have a look at failure that gets logged in /cloudpoint/logs/flexsnap-coordinator.log

do let us know.



Re: Cloud Point Restore failure

Thanks, While I was waiting for the reply I had a look at the /cloudpoing/logs/flexsnap-agent-offhost.log log and found that the restore for point to an instance which does not exist.

File "<string>", line 1, in handle_restore
File "/opt/VRTScloudpoint/bin/", line 248, in handle_action
result = obj.do_action(action, args)
File "/opt/VRTScloudpoint/lib/flexsnap/", line 80, in do_action
res = getattr(o, action.code_name)(*args, **kwargs)
File "src/aws/", line 40, in wrapper
File "src/aws/", line 629, in restore
OperationFailed: Failed to find EC2 instance: The instance ID 'i-0a77c7adac98e963b' does not exist ,, not sure why it was pointing to that the node which does not exist 

Found the similar msgs but in more detail in the coordinator logs as well .