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Level 4

Please share your ideas on how to improve the CloudPoint documentation. Whether it's an idea for a new topic, ways to improve a current one, or anything else, let us know.



Level 4

We've refreshed the CloudPoint documentation and added the following improvements:

  • A new chapter, "Storage array support," lists the specific array models CloudPoint supports and the type snapshots you can perform.
  • Clearer information on the snapshot types supported for all assets.
  • A restructured chapter, "Deploying CloudPoint," that presents the prerequisite steps more logically.
  • An updated "Software limitations" section in the Release Notes.

To see the updated doc:

  • Click the ? on the CloudPoint user interface. (Administrator's information only. For Release Notes information, see the link below.)
  • View the Administrator's Guide and Release Notes PDFs here.

CloudPoint 1.0.2 is now out.

As part of the release, the online help is now more visual, and we have a new troubleshooting section.

Remember: Please send any troubleshooting tips -- or any other usage ideas our way. Together, we can create more useful documentaiton.

The API section of CP 2.0 guide needs some improvement, especially for the reporting section, since the reporting is not in the UI yet , this should be documented in a better way , with some good examples.