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Documentation corner

Please share your ideas on how to improve the CloudPoint documentation. Whether it's an idea for a new topic, ways to improve a current one, or anything else, let us know.


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Re: Documentation corner

We've refreshed the CloudPoint documentation and added the following improvements:

  • A new chapter, "Storage array support," lists the specific array models CloudPoint supports and the type snapshots you can perform.
  • Clearer information on the snapshot types supported for all assets.
  • A restructured chapter, "Deploying CloudPoint," that presents the prerequisite steps more logically.
  • An updated "Software limitations" section in the Release Notes.

To see the updated doc:

  • Click the ? on the CloudPoint user interface. (Administrator's information only. For Release Notes information, see the link below.)
  • View the Administrator's Guide and Release Notes PDFs here.

Re: Documentation corner

CloudPoint 1.0.2 is now out.

As part of the release, the online help is now more visual, and we have a new troubleshooting section.

Remember: Please send any troubleshooting tips -- or any other usage ideas our way. Together, we can create more useful documentaiton.


Re: Documentation corner

The API section of CP 2.0 guide needs some improvement, especially for the reporting section, since the reporting is not in the UI yet , this should be documented in a better way , with some good examples.