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Integration with NBU, support of Azure PaaS

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When will Cloud Point integrate with NBU? Also, will Cloud Point be able to manage snapshots and replication of Azure PaaS?

Level 3

CloudPoint integration with NBU is target for Q3 this year - expect to see a release around July. 

I am curious about Azure PaaS. Which specific services are we referring to here?


I'm piggybacking on this discussion instead of starting a new one. I was hoping to start protecting the SQL databases we have deployed in Azure PaaS, but I think I've misunderstood your 2.0 release notes. Your support is related to SQL Server hosted on Azure VMs is that correct?

We have a number of SQL server resources in Azure, which are running directly in Azure as opposed to on an Azure VM. Do you have any support for that with Cloudpoint? And if not, is it something that you could work on? 

The difference is detailed here: