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NetApp Snapshot

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Just notice that CloudPoint support NetApp Array Snapshot. 

I read CP documentation and it is somehow... light. Which Ontap version is supported ? What is the REST API Server ? What is the baseurl REST API Server ?


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@ElGringo where did you read that CloudPoint supports NetApp array snapshot ?


I am looking for exactly the same.

And in the latest download for a PoC one can find it in the UI to configure.


@AndreasChristen I don't see anywhere in the documentation that it is supported. It might be a work in progress. The UI guys must be ahead of their schedule :p 

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I noticed the same today.

I guess one needs the Ontap Select VM and ontap version >9.3 to use REST API calls. But this is just a guess...and it'd be great if a CP person from Veritas would answer this for us.

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Ash_R, just look at in the "New NetBackup integration featured in CloudPoint 2.1" section you will see "Added support for Huawei OceanStor, and NetApp FAS (FC/iSCSI)".

The work on CP UI regarding NetApp Array seems completed

There is nothing regarding NetApp array in the CP documentation from but there is few indications in CP onlinehelp documentation

.I notice that the onlinehelp has been modified recently but it is still unclear :( I undestood that the REST API Server is the host on which OnCommand API is installed. CP support Ontap 8.3.2 (I guess it is because it is the first release that run only in C-Mode) but what about Ontap 9.x ?


Prerequisite to configure NetApp SAN array plug-in

Veritas CloudPoint Administrator's Guide

Refer the NetApp documentation for installation and setup of OnCommand API Services.

The API server is configured with administrator user credentials. The Host or the computer on which API server is configured, the root user name and password of host or computer and administrator user name and password of API server must be same.

@ElGringo : Interesting ! 

I looked up the latest guide for CloudPoint : 
and didn't find any mention of NetApp. 

You must have had a different version of the guide. Also like you mentioned the online help also seems to have changed and they no longer mention NetApp anywhere.

Looking at all this, I feel like they must have added support and then removed it right away. 

But like @AndreasChristen mentioned, I guess someone from Veritas management should provide an official response. No point in speculating between ourselves :) 

Thanks for the info !

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CloudPoint does have some functionality around NetApp but we are not able to claim full support due to some technical issues. Precisely, during our later phases of testing we found that some of the components are failing on longevity testing. If you need to try out the plugin, the current version should be good enough to understand the workflow, however we cannot claim support for the NetApp snapshots and do not recommend for use in production. 

Apologies for not updating the marketing materials and online help accordingly. We will resolve the communications ASAP. 

We really appreciate your interest in the product and we are actively working with the vendor towards resolving the issue. We are committed towards a fully working solution for NetApp.