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Snapshot Manager Configuration Hitachi

Hello everyone,We recently upgrade our lab environment to Netbackup version 10.2 and we are trying to configure Snapshot Manager plug-in to a Hitachi Storage SAN using Web UI.In field "Hitachi Configuration Manager Server IP" I fill with IP, but Netb...

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Snapshot Manager - Someone use it on production?

Hello,I would like to know if users have tested and installed the Snapshot Manager solution in the cloud (Azure or other) and their feedback on this solution?Did you encounter any problems with the configuration? Do you manage to backup many workload...

Failed deployment of Snapshot manager on Azure

Hi community,Trying to install Primary, Media and Snapshot server from Marketplace in Azure, but always got error with deployment of Snapshot server.For deployment using already created user managed identity with Owner rights. It is successfully crea...

Kubernetes Protection plans

Understand about Protection Plan as they have selected 1 hr. for Snapshot Backup and 4 hrs. for Longest Backup retention but still old dated PVCs snapshot entry present on GCP console.Do you have any idea when those entries will be deleted from GCP ?...

mars19661 by Level 3
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Pure Storage Integration with CloudPoint

Hello.I am unable to configure the Pure Storage plugin on CloudPoint.The image is restarting every minute.Versions:Ubuntu - 16.04Docker - 18.09.1 & 20.10.7Purity - 5.2.5 & 5.3.8CloudPoint - am attaching logs.Any ideas would be appreciated...

iggy1 by Level 0
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Cloudpoint and NetBackup integration

Hello all,I have Netbackup 9.1 (Master,Media) server, I have to  deploy CloudPoint  Server and integrate it with Netbackup,In order to integrate CP with Netbackup should i install CloudPoint with new media server or not?infrastracture would be on-pre...

nodar by Level 1
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Need Help On Cloud Storage!

Hello friends. This is my first post on this forum. I'm posting this thread out of necessity, and I don't know if this is the right place or not. Guys, I'm confused about different cloud storage, and I don't decide to choose the best one. Can you pro...

Resolved! CloudPoint Licensing

hello guys ,does anyone knows what will happen if somebody over deployed their license? for instance i have 50 TB  license and my data grows beyond to 50 TB (e.g 60TB) , does CP stop working? or it will protect just 50 TB of data and keeps on working...

Cloudpoint with Azure

Hi everybody,I am trying to deploy Cloudpoint in Azure but I'm stuck on some authorization issue. What I have done so far:1. deployed cloudpoint from Azure marketplace (tested both versions 8.3 and 9.0 - same issue)2.Registered cloudpoint in NBU3. Cr...

"spinning wheels" on cloudpoint aws dashboard

I'm wondering if I've just hit dashboard widgets look similar to the image in the attached screenshot. I have restarted the EC2 instance and proceeded with inspecting the running containers ...

au2 by Level 2
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CloudPoint deployed in GCP and integration with NetBackup

Hello,I am trying to integrate my CloudPoint instance deployed on Google CP with my NetBackup Master Server on-premise. For some reason I got the following message error when I try to add the CloudPoint from CLI on a Master Sever:[xxx@backup logs]# /...


Hello!I intend to manage Cloudpoint from netbackup, I have a evaluation license on my Cloudpoint.Do I need another license?In my netbackup environment, I configured the snapshot management server, but I don't know how to configure the policies so tha...

Cloud Point Indexing

I Had Created Disk level Snapshot of a VM using On-Host Agent and unable to Index it.My CP2.2 host and Snapshot host are in Same region with different subsriptions , though CP2.2 has contributor acces and provided access to all Subsriptions.

Yuvi by Level 5
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Cloudpoint On-Prem with NetApp

I'm using Cloudpoint on-prem with a NetApp, I can add add the plugin but I get no assets discovered. I check the cloudpoint logs I get the message "Failed to get SVM IP's string indices must be integers".  

Brendan_Bourke by Level 2
Partner Accredited Certified
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CloudPoint Admin guide query

The CloudPoint Admin guide states the following...CloudPoint does not support disk-based protection for applications that store data on virtual disks or storage spaces that are created from a storage pool. While taking snapshots of such applications,...

Bar_JB by Level 3
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