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Resolved! install errors

[root@op000393 ~]# docker run -it --rm -v /cloudpoint:/cloudpoint -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock veritas/flexsnap-cloudpoint: installConfiguration started at time Wed May 1 19:35:40 UTC 2019CloudPoint, onhost docker version 18...

Netbackup and CloudPoint on one server

Gurus, I have a query, i am planning to configure Netbackup and CloudPoint on a same server for testting . I have one server available for testing so cant configure it separately. Once the testing is over, i am planning to have a distinct server in p...

NetApp Snapshot

Hi, Just notice that CloudPoint support NetApp Array Snapshot. I read CP documentation and it is somehow... light. Which Ontap version is supported ? What is the REST API Server ? What is the baseurl REST API Server ?

ElGringo by Level 6
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CloudPoint - No Azure resources visible

I’m trying to evaluate CloudPoint. I have:1. Deployed CloudPoint to my MSDN subscription using the template on the market place.2. Created the AAD application.3. Created the custom role as per the documentation.4. Assigned the role to the AAD applica...

AronJ1 by Level 1
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Snapshots failing since 9/15/18

When I noticed the system had stopped, I updated Cloudpoint. I am using Ubuntu VM on GCE with Docker 18.x and Cloudpoint as of 9/21. All snapshots are on GCP in the same project as the Cloudpoint instance.Cloudpoint is using the free licen...

Cloudpoint download not working

I am trying to download Cloudpoint for evaluation within Azure using an Ubuntu VM Unfortunately the link appears to be broken The landing page is with the following link  “Download ...

Does CloudPoint Solution support AWS EFS

My enterprise is interested in your CloudPoint solution and was wondering if it supports AWS EFS Snapshots.I've tried contacting your customer support but they have no idea what I am talking about.Please provide an answer or a knowledgable contact th...

Cannot complete setup GCP 2.0.2

Hi,I am having troubles deploying cloudpoint 2.0.2 on GCP via cloud launcher. We have a VPN setup to our VPC. I can access the initial setup webpage via the Internal IP. After entering an email address and password, the installer starts. Then the cir...

CP3P0 by Level 3
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FETB Licensing and auditing

How does FETB licensing work? Also how do we audit for space utilization across Clouds? Do you have tools we can use like is available for other backup products? So how does this work?  From reading it seemed to be based on total size of used disk sp...

gregslb by Level 0
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Veritas Cloud Point docker platforms

Do i understand it correctly that cloudpoint can only be installed on ubuntu docker instances, or can it also be installed on any os running docker.  Such as coreOS or RHEL 7?

CloudPoint installation errors

Hi all,I am trying to install CloudPoint on Ubuntu which is VM. Following this guide: after: Please go to the UI and configure CloudPoint now. Waiting for CloudPoint...

ognjen-123 by Level 2
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CloudPoint and RBAC in Microsoft Azure

In this video, you'll discover how the RBAC feature in CloudPoint enables you to define roles and permissions for individual users so they can independently perform backup and recovery jobs.

AlexMatts by Level 6
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CloudPoint and classification in Microsoft Azure

In this video, you'll discover how the classification feature in CloudPoint helps you identify for example Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in Azure snapshots, and then use that insight to make decisions about how best to protect that data.

AlexMatts by Level 6
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