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Brick level backups with Cloudpoint

I am wondering if Cloudpoint has the capability of doing brick level backups and restores with a AWS Cloud based MS Exchange server similar to the Backup Exec backup product.  Thanks for any iinfo on this.

[Webcast Recap] Veritas CloudPoint for Azure

Hello everyone, I just wanted to make you aware that I just posted a recap of our webcast with the Microsoft Azure Storage team. @suchintya delivered a demo which showcased the key features of CloudPoint in Azure. Check out the highlights from the we...

arjanvp by Level 3
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Discover how to backup Oracle in AWS with CloudPoint

Hello everyone, I just wanted to make you aware that @suchintya and myself hosted a webinar last week on how to backup your Oracle databases in AWS. Suchintya also performed a live demo which showcased how easy it is to backup and recover your Oracle...

arjanvp by Level 3
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Announcing Veritas CloudPoint 2.0

Earlier this week we launched Veritas CloudPoint 2.0. Two press releases, one with Google and one with Microsoft kick-started the launch activities on Tuesday. We also posted a VOX blog on the CloudPoint 2.0 announcement - highlighting the new featur...

arjanvp by Level 3
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Resolved! CloudPoint 2.0 installation problems

I downloaded CP2.0 but the instructions still refer to 1.xIs there a new CP2.0 help site? If yes where is it?I loaded the image but when i try to run it, it fails with the following message:/root/ line 482: 1: unbound variableMaybe the do...

coloup by Level 2
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Resolved! CloudPoint Questions

Hello there,How are you ? We are a new customer evaluating Cloud Point since our workloads are 100% AWS based. Can you please provide information on the following :1) Is CloudPoint in freemium model only or can it be purchased by enterprise with supp...

samshaw by Level 3
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CloudPoint: Unable to delete AWS snapshots

I am working on a trial of CloudPoint 1.0.2 with AWS and I am having trouble deleting snapshots. The admin guide is very unclear about what IAM permissions need to be setup to allow snapshots to be deleted. Here is what I am seeing in the logs.Client...

jkibbee by Level 1
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Resolved! is it secure?

if we're uploading our data to your cloud, how secure will it be?if there was a breach, what steps you will take?

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Some questions about CloudPoint

Hello everyone,I have some question about CloudPoint, could anyone answer it when free ?1. Will CloudPoint integrate with Netbackup? If yes, how to integrate ? As a plug-in ?2. Does CloudPoint can only backup Oracle database ?3. What is FlexSnap cert...

Resolved! Not able to add FS to policy

Hello All, I was able to set up an agent on a RHEL 7 server but I am not able to protect its File system with a policy. As stated in guide I cannot see any vertical ellipses on the page.

moheet by Level 3
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Request enhancements to the CloudPoint team!

Hi, CloudPoint followers! Please use this thread to request enhancements, new features or anything you could need in CloudPoint. If what you ask is in the roadmap, we will let you know and when possible, give you estimates about delivery. Thanks!! Cl...

What does it mean to be “light weight”?

You've probably heard that CloudPoint is "light weight" -- and it is. But what does that mean exactly? And more importantly, how can that benefit you and your environment?A lot of people think "light weight" means that a product doesn't take up much ...

CloudPoint in action

We'd love to hear how CloudPoint is helping you. Use this thread to share your success stories, tips, and anything else you've learned. Thanks.

Documentation corner

Please share your ideas on how to improve the CloudPoint documentation. Whether it's an idea for a new topic, ways to improve a current one, or anything else, let us know. Thanks.