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We’re excited to announce the general availability of CloudPoint version 2.2.

CloudPoint is a cloud-native snapshot-based data protection solution for workloads running in the cloud. With this release, organizations get the enterprise-level data protection capabilities they require, but in a software package that's built and optimized specifically to protect workloads running in multiple clouds. It's lightweight, easy to deploy and operate, and thus, inexpensive to run, and leverages the native snapshot capabilities of the cloud platforms, allowing cloud users to feel right at home.

With CloudPoint version 2.2 you get:

New features for AWS:
  • Support for Key Management Services (KMS)
  • IAM based plugin configuration
  • Notifications to SNS
  • Cross-Account Replication

Other new features:
  • Windows Single File Restore for AWS and Azure
  • Configurable Asset discovery frequency
  • Automatic restore for oracle database
  • MSI installer for MS SQL database app consistent snapshot
  • In built 60-day evaluation trial option

We've been working with a ton of multi-cloud enterprises on this latest release to make sure we addressed much needed technical capabilities, as well as a positive and intuitive user experience. Check it out yourself with the free software version and share your feedback, here: http://veritas.com/getcloudpoint

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Flexible snapshot management for cloud and data center workloads. CloudPoint manages the scheduling and the retention policies around your snapshot backups. It offloads all manual aspects of the snapshot process, including scheduling, policy creation and cataloging, and provides you with peace of mind that backups are always being done and ready for fast recovery operations.
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