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We are excited to announce the release of a new data protection offering called Veritas CloudPoint 1.0!

CloudPoint is a single, modern snapshot-based data protection solution, purposely built for the multi-cloud, at low cost — all to make it easy for customers to protect their business data across their applications, private clouds, and public clouds.

CloudPoint uses modern micro-services architecture and provides consistent snapshot-based backup for applications and workloads in a wide range of cloud platforms and storage arrays. It supports Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and also supports HDS and 3PAR storage arrays in customer data-centers. You can manage and orchestrate host/volume level snapshots and application consistent snapshots for Oracle using a common user interface and REST API.

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If you still have questions, join the Veritas CloudPoint Community below and get answers directly from the engineers that built the software!

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Flexible snapshot management for cloud and data center workloads. CloudPoint manages the scheduling and the retention policies around your snapshot backups. It offloads all manual aspects of the snapshot process, including scheduling, policy creation and cataloging, and provides you with peace of mind that backups are always being done and ready for fast recovery operations.
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