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Apache doesn't start


I got a VCS configured with apache web server agent. I tried to put it online (from command line it works) in the cluster and I see the following in the Apache_A.log

2016/06/16 12:45:52 VCS ERROR V-16-10061-20318 Apache:ApacheDMZSmiley Surprisednline:<Apache:Smiley Frustratedtart> Could not determine Apache Version.
2016/06/16 12:45:52 VCS ERROR V-16-10061-20133 Apache:ApacheDMZSmiley Surprisednline:Failed to online resource

Anyone can tell me why is it? I run "httpd -v" from command line and I see apache version: 2.2.15


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Re: Apache doesn't start

Could you please provide us with the below information:

1> uname -a

2.> VRTSvcs package version

3.> attach the engine log and apache log, above log is not sufficient.

4.> attach the file

5.> Has this setup ever worked or is this a new configuration?