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CPS server

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Can some body throw some light on CPS server.What are the requirements to build CPS.


I am new to VCS.


I am planning to configure CPS fencing for my cluster


Thanks and regards,




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Hi Siva,

            Here is an excerpt about CP servers, from the VCS admin guide:

'The coordination point server (CP server) is a software solution which runs on a remote system or cluster. CP server provides arbitration functionality by allowing the VCS cluster nodes to perform the following tasks:
Self-register to become a member of an active VCS cluster (registered with CP server) with access to the data drives
Check which other nodes are registered as members of this active VCS cluster
Self-unregister from this active VCS cluster
Forcefully unregister other nodes (preempt) as members of this active VCS cluster
In short, the CP server functions as another arbitration mechanism that integrates within the existing I/O fencing module.'
VCS install and admin guides have information regarding how to configure and use CP servers (sometimes referred to as 'CPS') in a VCS cluster.
Hope that helps.
Kindly revert in case you have any further query.
Thanks and regards,

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Hi Siva,

If you are just looking for requirements of the CPS, the OS/Platform requirements are the same as VCS.  If you run VCS on a specific version of UNIX/Linux with the same VCS version (5.1SP1 or 6.0) then it should be supported.  The computing requirements are limited as the primary focus is the network since it is a network arbitrator for the cluster.  With VCS 6.0, we also support multi-IP with CPS.  This means that you can configured the CP Server to use multiple IPs to connect to the cluster nodes during a fencing event.  The CPS can run on physical or virtual machines but is limited to one instance (CP Server) per node, so they are not supported with multiple CP Servers in the same failover cluster.


If you have further questions that are not in the documentation, please let us know.



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I would strongly urge to understand the IOfencing concept & how fencing / membership arbitration works .... that will give a whole lot of idea to understand fencing / CPS & how each component works ....

Have a run through


I would suggest to start from page 311 from "About membership arbitration"

above section will give a whole lot of idea about fencing / different types of fencing, will ofcourse cover CPS as well ....



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HI Anthony/gaurav/pranav


thanks for the reply.i would go through the document and let you know if i have any fencing questions