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ClusterService group cant switch with nbu_group

I install infoscale 7.3.1 and Netbackup 8.1.1. I have two nodes.
When I switch nbu_group, it switches to the other node successfully. However, I have to manually pass the ClusterService group. When I switch nbu_group, what do I need to do to switch the clusterservice group to the other node with nbu_group.

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Re: ClusterService group cant switch with nbu_group

The groups do not have anything to do with each other. In fact, if you’re not using the wac or need notification you could actually remove the cluster service group.

Not saying you should, just illustrating that it has no connection with the app you’re clustering (unless of course its a global cluster and contains the wac).

Re: ClusterService group cant switch with nbu_group

if you want to always have both the service groups online on the same node, you can either link the service groups (group dependency) or implement an event trigger so that both the service groups always switch to or failover to the same cluster node

Re: ClusterService group cant switch with nbu_group

Hi @frankgfan 

As a matter of interest, I just tried to link the ClusterService with another group, and got this message.


Aside from that, even if you link it, you'll still need to offline the parent then move the child, then online the parent for a switch (unless if got smarter recently).

Re: ClusterService group cant switch with nbu_group

The ClusterService group is a special purpose service group, which contains resources that are required by VCS components.  This service group is onlined on the first node with HAD in to running state.(not always the case the first node rebooted),  During normal operation, switch or manually offline this service group is not recommended.  In other words, if there are issues resulting the nbu service group failover or there is a need to move the nbu service group to the other node, you can do so without migrating the CluterService group.  if there is a critical issue, like a h/w issue, resulting in the node failure, all the service groups on the node will be failed over to the standby node anyway, if configured properly.