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Compatibility of VRTSperl and the third-party Perl

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The current version of VRTSperl is 5.8.8 and SUNWperl584core is version 5.8.4; if I upgrade SUNWperl to higher version or install the third-party Perl extensions, any influence on VCS?  Thanks!


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I have never tried or seen this combination, I would say this would be something unpredictable .... VCS has many agents using Perl scripts so how would VCS agents behave, well can't say...

Also, VRTSperl is mandatory package, if you have SUNWperl as well, that means you would run with 2 perl packages installed on the server, again I wouldn't assume the results..

My view would be to test thouroughly before suggesting anything...


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Perl runtime and modules provided by VRTSperl are installed into its own directory - /opt/VRTSperl. Even if multiple runtimes are installed, each runtime loads modules under its own base directory. Each runtime is isolated from each other, and there are no interaction between them.

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Although I run a windows server we have the same kind of installation. For management of the server we use a different version of Perl and even customized this. We don't have any problems when upgrading Veritas or our own Perl version. I agree with Yasuhisa that both version can run independently on a server.