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Coordination Point Server sans VIP?

Can a CP server be configured on a one-node cluster using the main IP address of the server?  And if the answer is "yes", what would the "Quorum" resource look like?

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Re: Coordination Point Server sans VIP?

Hi, Bob

   could you give detail describe?

   1. CP server configure as a one-node cluster.

   2. no ip resource?

   3. in  client, cp server ip point to CP server's main ip?

   4. how to configure Quorum resource in CP server  side?


   What's you CP server's version and client version?


Re: Coordination Point Server sans VIP?

The CP Server can be configured with the main ip address of the server, however it is not recommended as it is a SPOF.

If you donot want to configure additional IP addresses than you need to configure the CP server manually.

The quorum resource is required if there is more than one VIrtual IP present.


A configuration without additioanl IP addresses will look like this, having only a single resource.


group CPSSG (

        SystemList = { lx634v08 = 0 }

        AutoStartList = { lx634v08 }



        Process vxcpserv (

                PathName = "/opt/VRTScps/bin/vxcpserv"

                RestartLimit = 3

                ConfInterval = 30