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Creating a Proxy Resource

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So you had following resources failed:
-- Group Type Resource System
C abcdsg        NIC          abcllnic   bellow1prd
C xyzsg         NIC          abcd1nic   belllow1prd
  <<<<<<<<<<< Both failed on this node

I had a two service group, of which two nic resources are using the same Nic address on NIC en3.

Could you please suggest to me to create a proxy resoruces.

Level 6
- create a new parallel service group (eg: NICsg)
- add the NIC resource to the new parallel sg
- add a Phantom resource to the parallel sg to allow VCS to determine sg status (required as NIC is a persistent resource)
- replace the NIC resources in your existing failover service groups (abcdsg, xyzsg) with Proxy resources. TargetResName attribute should be the name of the NIC resource in the parallel sg above.
- ensure any resource dependencies also are updated to use the proxy now rather than NIC

hope that helps.