Encrypted CFS on RHEL 6 (SFCFS and Vormetric)

Hey y'all,
My customer is currently using SFCFS 5.1 with Vormetric file system encryption, and not having any issues there. They are trying to implement SFCFS 6.0.2 on Linux and running into HUGE issues with the VxFS CFS and Vormetric. Vormetric has recommended they go to an NFS share ... the reason they came off of an NFS share in the first place was performance ...

Any ideas on how to make this work (SFCFS 5.1 on Solaris 10 SPARC and Vormetric is working OK)?




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There is no SFCFS in 6.0.2

There is no SFCFS in 6.0.2 for Linux. Can you confirm which version of product is the customer using?