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File and Print Cluster Server - Temp files in Default User Profile


Wonder if anyone has come across this senario:

Windows 2003 Server SP2
Xerox Printers (models - 3600 and 7400)

We have File and Print Servers that are clustered using Veritas Cluster. The printer queues are also clustered.
There are lots of print jobs that happen every day. Quite frequently when a user prints, there are SECxxxx.tmp files that get created in the Default User profile location C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Local Settings\ Application Data\Secxxxx.tmp (where xxxx is alphanumeric)
These tmp files are copied to every user profile that gets created on the server and using space on C drive. (some of these temp files are very large).
The spooler folder gets used as normal.

The same printers and other makes on a non-clustered File and Print Server does not create any of the temp files and multiple print jobs print ok.

So it seems that the issue points to Veritas Clustering environment.

Why is the Default User profile being used in printing?

Many thanks
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Hi Bob, I have not heard of

Hi Bob,

I have not heard of this issue before.  I'm not sure if it has something to do with the specfic printers that are being connected to or if something else is involved.

I don't have a Print cluster setup at this time to test this with but it sounds like something that we should be able to reproduce easily enough.  I would recommend that you open a case with Symantec Technical Support so that we can investigate this issue further and reproduce as needed.