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How does VCS Global Cluster works in different subnet environment in geographical locations

Hi All,

Can anyone has idea how does VCS global cluster work in different subnet environment.

Below is my setup which I want to setup. In this scenario, how does the cluster works. I mean when local cluster fails and failed over to to DR site, the users from main site will be still trying to connect to, how does they will be able to connect. As well as how local cluster will be communicating to the remote cluster in this scenario, so that it will failover to the DR site. also how the users from main site will be able to access the server.


Best Regards,

Shreeram Rane

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If a global service group is

If a global service group is failovering to target site it takes down the PROD IP and brings up the DR IP. As soon as DR IP up, network load balancer(which know both IPs) should able to send the traffic to new IP. 


As the VIP can not be failed

As the VIP can not be failed over to DR site in normal case (they are normally in different subnet),  So you have to do a dns update to make the dns entry refer the new IP.   GCO also suggests to setup dns inside the cluster, but it's not mandatory.

You can take any of the

You can take any of the approaches based on what is available

#1 - Microsoft Servers & AD DNS

If you are using Microsoft AD DNS as the corporate DNS, then you can use LANMAN agent (for Windows Servers) to update AD during failover to secondary site, this quite simple.

#2 - Other Servers

Normally all vendors will provide the clients / agents for updating DNS with commandline (without using GUI), use VCS postonline & postoffline triggers to update DNS to the values you need after each failover. (You many need to configure SSH between a trusted server and DNS so that it can be controlled)

#3 - Using External Loadbalancer or Site Selector

Things will be much easier and hassle free if you have some thing like Cisco GSS in your enterprise. If you have, then confgure it to monitor and point users to respective server based on some condition such as application port number or VIP IP configured on the IP resource