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Infoscale 7.4.3 support for Oracle Linux 7 [ FYI | SUGGESSTION ]

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1-     I am not able to see the VERITAS InfoScale Availability (version 7.4.3) product for the OS “Oracle Linux 7” under . Only Oracle Linux 8 is available. However I am able to see the InfoScale version 7.4.3 is supported for Oracle Linux 7.9 from below link and snapshot01 is also attached for reference.

{ We came to know that InfoScale 7.4.3 for RHEL7 OS installer is uses for ORACLE7 OS. This create a trouble in understanding of user and I suggest this should fix and mentioned Oracle 7 installer separately under Download}

2-   Under > Installation and upgrade checklist, Oracle 7 is missing for InfoScale 7.4.3. Attached snapshot02 is for reference. 

3-   Now we proceed further for installation of InfoScale 7.4.3 thru RHEL 7 installer on a Oracle 7 OS box. This time we see kernel incompatibility with InfoScale product. Additionally Oracle7 OS should required to replace and use the RHEL7 kernel instead of its default Oracle7 kernel to proceed further the InfoScale installation on Oracle 7 BOX. 

{ This create a trouble in understanding of user so I suggest this should fix and mentioned Oracle 7 default kernel is incompatible and required to install RHEL kernel at}


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Have you tried to use the 'CONTACT US' link on SORT ?

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ve you checked the info on the link (Software Compatibility List (SCL) Central) below?


the software combination which is not listed means "the version" is not supported.

If you have a special need, talk and discuss the issue with your account manager to find out if there is anything Veritas engineering can do for you.  Good luck.

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Mates, I have gone thru the mentioned difficulties and supported/helping ways. Mentioned in bold is the way forward.