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Initial configuration of Veritas Cluster Server on ESX VMware 3.0.2

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I'm new to the Veritas Cluster Server, having just received my license keys and the ability to download the product. I will be setting up VCS on two VMWare ESX 3.0.2 hosts. Do the ESX hosts need to be in a VMWare cluster before I install VCS? I have download and combined the VCS package. I have uploaded it to both ESX hosts. It consists of three files: CMC-5.1-2007-09-24c_cmc_5.1.dvd1-CMC5.1.tar.gz, VCSMC_5.1_Language_Pack_multi_platform.tar.gz, and vcs. Do I run these right off of the ESX host, or do I need to burn these to a DVD?
Do you recommend two private nics?
Thanks - deercutter