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LLT heartbeat link status changed

Hi Community,

  I'm having a problem in my cluster, I'm having two nodes in cluster,I'm trying to add new node to the cluster, when I booted up the new node I got 

and errors on the current cluster, I guess the new node is trying to join the cluster.

System (xxxxxx) - Membership: 0x6, DDNA: 0x4

Received new cluster membership 

 LLT heartbeat link status changed. Previous status = e1000g0 UP e1000g2 UP; Current status = e1000g0 UP e1000g2 DOWN.  

  Now interface e1000g2 is down, but I've checked the phisical links, they are all up and running, please advise how to resolve this issue.



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Re: LLT heartbeat link status changed

How exactly did you check/test the physical links?

How are the inteconnects physically connected?
Crossover cables or via switch and vlans?

Have you checked /var/log/messages for errors?

Can you show us output of these commands on both nodes?

lltstat -nvv

gabconfig -a