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Link resource on db server

Level 6

Dear All,

I would like to do the link dependency group on the VCS on solaris  ,  I share the .

As you can see the Ora_Mnt_db2 and Ora_Mnt_db1 mount point , the Ora instance on the Ora_Mnt_db2 mount point, I will relocate some tablespace to Ora _Mnt _db1 mount point , therefore the VCS startup all the mount point then Oracle instance and listerner will be startup after all mount point startup, I run the command hares -link Ora_Mnt_db1_a01 Ora_Inst_TIAEEG but it returns message  error.  May I know what is the command to let me to config the VCS to control the depentency group?







Level 6

I want to Oracle instance startup once the db1 mount point show up ., but get this messages 

# hares -link Ora_Inst_TIAEEG Ora_Mnt_db1_a01
VCS WARNING V-16-1-10141 Arc from Ora_Inst_TIAEEG to Ora_Mnt_db1_a01 would create a loop in the dependency graph