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Monitoring clustered MSMQ?

Hi all,

At a client site with the Enterprise Vault 8 SP2 installed on VCS 5.1. We are trying to set up a PowerShell script that will run as a scheduled task and email the admins with the status of the servers daily.

Problem is, we can't figure out how to coax the status of the virtual MSMQ queues (both public and private) out of the virutal node. The script we have works great against a standalone MSMQ, but not a clustered one.

Does anyone have a clever way to do this?


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Hi Mark, What status are you

Hi Mark,

What status are you trying to get from the virtual MSMQ queues?

Since the shell script will be running in physical host, one has to access the virtual queues as if they are on remote machine.
For instance if you are trying to open a virtual queue ( the format name string should be of the form "OS:machinename\\private$\\queuename".