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Oracle VCS configuration

Level 6

Hello Guys,

We have configured  our oracle DB in VCS and working fine. When you setup oracle DB, how do you setup dependencies?

We have made Listner to depen don oracle DB proces and after oracle DB comes up, Listner will come up, but customer is asking as to start  listner and oracle DB in same time.

Our concen is that if we remove the lisnter dependency, what will happen if  DB take long time to come up? Would listner will drop the request or will keep the connection?






Level 6
Partner Accredited

From a DB point of view the listener and the database can start and stop independently from each other so most VCS customer have these 2 resources independent of each other so for VCS dependencies listener needs oracle binaries mount (if oracle binaries are shared) and virtual IP and DB needs shared mounts.  This means in theory a client could connect to the listener before the databases is up which is why some customers make listener depend on database, but this not much different from trying to connect before listener is up - either way you are unable to connect to database.

So either way is valid.