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Perl function VCS


Why and how does Veritas uses perl? I am not talking about VOM.

How/why does cluster server use perl. What is its function?


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Re: Perl function VCS

Hi Marius,

Perl is used in some bundled resource agents and in triggers that VCS is configured to use.  You can also use it to create custom agents.

Thank you,


Re: Perl function VCS

VRTSperl is a "required" package to support VCS functionality.

The VRTSperl package is used by the Common Product Installer (CPI) script(s) to automate product installation, upgrades, licensing, and configuration. The VRTSperl package is used by Veritas Cluster Server to provide functionality of components in the Cluster, and therefore is required in a VCS installation. There are currently no plans to deprecate the VRTSperl component in use by Veritas products for the Unix platform.