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Query on changing node ip and virtual ip on a 2 node cluster

Hi Guys,

Beginner / Novice on Storage Foundation, need some advice on how to do stuff. There is a 2 node windows cluster along with VVR for replication to DR site. It was in DMZ and now bringing it outside the DMZ, so need to change the node ip and virtual ip. The heartbeat ip's will be the same, the nodes are cross cabled for heartbeat connection. Replication is enabled to DR using names so basically using the IP resource name in the replication settings. So here are my steps;

1) stop the resource group

2) Take a checkpoint and stop the replication

3) Change the node ip's

4) Change the virtual ip attribute of the IP resource.

5) Start the resource group and verify failover

6) Start the replication 

Ofcourse I will make sure that the ip address changes are registered in the DNS and hosts file.

Please do let me know if i am missing anything and what other precautions do i need to take.

Best Regards,


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Hi Guys, please any

Hi Guys, please any input.

Best Regards,