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Re: Question about fencing and co-ordinator disks

I need to replace the LUNs in existing coordinator disk group  with new LUNs from different array . this is two node VCS cluster. when i try to set  below attribute  to make it off on the coordinator disk group it is not recognized. maybe is this not the way to set this attribute in this Vertias version.?

we are using Veritas 4.1 version on Solaris 9 Operating system

bash-2.05# vxdg -g vxfencoorddg set coordinator=off
VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-693 Incorrect usage


Any help/suggestion would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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Re: Question about fencing and co-ordinator disks

In VCS 4.1 there was no method to replace the co-ordinator disk(failed  or working) when VXFEN is online.

 Attached snippet from the VCS 4.1 Install Guide for replacing the VXFEN disk.

You need to schedule downtime.


Hope this helps.





Re: Question about fencing and co-ordinator disks

The flag was not existing in VCS 4.1 & hence vxdg command is not accepting it ..

I agree with Mandar on the fact that you can't replace a coordinator disk online, you need to schedule the outage and follow the method outlined in the guide.

Re: Question about fencing and co-ordinator disks

Or you can upgrade to 5.1SP1RP3 which supports both Sol9 and vxfenswap

The vxfenswap utility allows you to replace coordinator disks in a cluster that is online. The utility verifies that the serial number of the new disks are identical on all the nodes and the new disks can support I/O fencing.

4.1 is really old and no longer a supported version


upgrade it to 5.1 is free