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Regarding cfs and cvm in active active cluster

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Hello Team,

Could you please suggest any documents to learn cfs and cvm and fundamental of active active cluster.



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For the CFS and CVM I'd recommend the CFS yellow book, it is slightly outdated (no FSS, Smart IO and others) but describes the concepts quite well: - it is hosted by Symantec so it may go soon, make sure you grab it before the link dies

Once you are good with the concepts, go and register for and look up under the Storage Foundation group of trainings, there will be some about CFS

Hi Mouse,


Many thanks for the documents you provided, its good, however could you please help to understand this concept so that I can pitch to the customers about the way it works.

My Query is :

We will have to Patch Sun OS which is in CFS cluster of 4 nodes,COuld you please guide me what would be the task in reference with cluster perspective.

We will have to patch the node one by one.

Please guide.Thanks in avd.


Just download sfcfs installation guide of the cluster version from  In the installation guide, there is a section about upgrade OS.  Just follow the steps listed.

looks easy but it is not.  There is a good chance that you will end up cali g support for assistance.  Also make sure the new OS patch is competible with the VCS version (this info is in the operating system requirements section of the save guide)