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SQL Wizard is unable to detect Service group

Level 0

Hello Everyone,

We have 2 nodes Veritas Stotage Foundastion HA 6.1 cluster. It contains one SQL Server 2012 service group.

I try to modify this service group using SQL Server agent configuration wizard, but on the first step wizard is unable to detect existing SQL service group and offers just to create new one (screenshot is attached). I've tried to check wizard log but it doesn't contain any errors or warnings.

Please help!


  • OS: Windows Server 2012
  • VSF with HA 6.1

Level 4

Did you stop SQL server when using/configuring SQL Wizard?

Please check below section...

Ensure that you have stopped the SQL Server service for the instance and are running the wizard from the first cluster node.


If the SQL Server service is running when you launch the wizard in the create mode, the wizard fails to reconfigure the service to start under Lanman context.


The procedure is mentioned here...

Hope this helps.