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Scheduled startup and monitoring of processes

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Hi all,
I am trying to achieve what I think should be a simple configuration.  We have a Veritas cluster on a Windows box and all I want is to do is invoke two separate Windows processes (EXE) at a specified time and then kill them at a specified time. 
The administrators of the cluster have configured it such that the Veritas cluster is dependent on these two processes being executed, however it appears that their scheduling is controlled by a Windows Scheduled Task - one task to start the processes and one task to stop them.  Is this correct?   Is there not a way whereby Veritas has control over the entire solution?
I am hoping someone could assist me - I am not very well versed in VCM, so appreciate if you could be as explicit as possible.
Thanks for your help!
Windows Server 2003
Veritas Cluster Server, Cluster manager (Java Console) v5.0

Level 3

At present time, VCS does not have scheduling capabilities. As long as the scheduled jobs invoke VCS CLI to start/stop the processes, you seem to be doing the right thing.

I will pass on this requirement to the product team to see if we can incorporate scheduling in future releases.