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Secure Authentication Certificate renewal in VCS / SFWHA 5.1 on Windows after expiry

Level 3

We have a 8 node Windows 2003 x64 cluster which is running VCS SFWHA 5.1 SP1 which was built 8 years and 2 weeks ago.

Secure Authentication is no longer working - after investigating, we believe this is because the certificate lifespan is 8 years.

To workaround this we have removed SecureClus authentication and reverted to local username as per article ID 100017968

Is there a documented way to fix this? If we simply enable Secure Authentication via the Cluster Config Wizard will that be enough? Do we need to make each node a Root Broker as well as an Authentication Broker? Do we need to evict a node and add it back in?

Additionally, we have another identical 5.1 MP1 cluster which is over 7 years old so will see the problem soon. Are there any other steps that we can use to renew the certificate in advance rather than fix it after expiry?