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VCS Agent for NetApp

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I'd be surprised if anyone knows what this is but I've a problem with the Netapp agent for VCS, namely that the NetAppSnapMirror agent will not online as the agent has marked the snap mirror entry as having multiple destinations.

2006/01/19 12:40:41 VCS ERROR V-16-20031-12 NetAppSnapMirror:snapmirror:online:Multiple snapmirror destinations for a volume is not supported by this agent. 'snapmirror status' for volume Imandb on filer toaster1 returned multiple status entries. Administrative intervention required

We experienced an issue where 2-way snap was not enabled (a missing entry in the snapmirror.allow file on the source) but have reconfigured and manually tested that data can snap both ways.

Any documentation we've found on the agent refers to a lock file being touched during the online/offline operations to distinguish source and target volumes. Now we've recitifed our snapmirror issue, where is that lock file written to and how can we delete it?

On trying to mount a read-only volume at the destination volume (purely to see what the agent is trying to do) yields the following

The attempt to set value 'no' to the named attribute '@Anvil@SnapMirSFSR' for the lun '/vol/db/databases.lun' on the filer '' failed. Error code: 30. Error description: Read-only file system.

which is completely understandable. We're guessing the '@Anvil@SnapMirSFSR' attr marks a snapmirrored volume to be source or target.

We're stabbing in the dark to be honest. Any help highly appreciated.

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Going to and searching for the error message in your text (V-16-20031-12) yields the following:

NetAppSnapMirror resources fail to online and VERITAS Cluster Server ERROR V-16-20031-12 is logged in \Program Files\Veritas\cluster server\logs\NetAppSnapMirror_A.txt
Exact Error Message
VCS ERROR V-16-20031-12 NetAppSnapMirror:VCS-EXCHANGE_SNAPMIRROR_5:online:Multiple snapmirror destinations for a volume is not supported by this agent. 'snapmirror status' for volume exchange_pubfolders on filer PRI-FILER-NAS returned multiple status entries. Administrative intervention required

This occurs when more than one SnapMirror has been configured for a volume.

Example: One SnapMirror with one Network Appliance filer as the source. The other filer also has a SnapMirror configured for the same volume as a source. This configuration is not supported.

Removing the extraneous SnapMirror will allow for one source and one target filer. Use Network Appliance documentation for details. Offline and then online the service group after removing the extraneous SnapMirror. The SnapMirror resource will now online.

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Many thanks for that Gene, that's spot on. Looking at the netapp documentation on snapmirroring, it appears we'd incorrectly broken the relationship, leaving orphaned snapmirror entries. The following is how to resolve for anyone who gets into a similar state :)

Solution ID: kb6288

Title: How to delete a SnapMirror relationship - NetApp appliance

Problem Environment:

Data ONTAP 6.5.2R1


Problem Description
SnapMirror relationship still showing on "snapmirror" status output after breaking the relationship

How to delete a SnapMirror relationship

To delete a SnapMirror relationship, follow the steps given below:

1. Break the snapmirror by issuing the command snapmirror break to the destination filer
2. Delete the entry on the /etc/snapmirror.conf in the destination filer, and
3. Do a snapmirror release on the source filer.
4.Then destroy the volume, re-create it and make the status restricted.
After this step, re-initialize the volume.This will clean the SnapMirror relationship.

Note: If the snapmirror status still shows broken-off relationship and snapshots that are no longer available, then delete the base snapshot on the destination SnapMirror. The command to find the base snapshot is: snapmirrror status -l .The output will show the base snapshot. Then delete the base snapshot by as shown: snap delete volume_name snapshot_name