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VCS ERROR V-16-10001-11503 - the Volume is a Volume Set

How to add a volumeset as a resource in VCS,? please suggest. We are unable to online volumeset in VCS required for mount resource.

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Re: VCS ERROR V-16-10001-11503 - the Volume is a Volume Set

Have you checked VCS Bundled Agent Guide for your VCS version?

I would start here in this doc:

Notes for DiskGroup agent
The DiskGroup agent has the following notes:
■ .....
Using volume sets

Using volume sets
When you use a volume set, set StartVolumes and StopVolumes attributes of the
DiskGroup resource that contains a volume set to 1. If a file system is created on
the volume set, use a Mount resource to mount the volume set.
See the Mount agent description for more information.

VolumeSet agent
The VolumeSet agent brings online, takes offline, and monitors a Veritas Volume
Manager (VxVM) volume set. Use the agent to make a volume set highly available.
Dependencies for VolumeSet agent :
(see the manual for diagram)

Bundled agent guide for your VCS version can be found here: